Sören Bechtel is considered an expert in the subject of success habits in the business sector and in private life. For years, he has been tirelessly exploring the question of how habits affect people's lives and the development of businesses and organisations.


According to his credo “New habits for more success” Sören Bechtel helps his clients discover their successful habits, strengthen them, change them if necessary, and, above all establish success habits. Sören Bechtel's clients appreciate his results oriented way of working, his commitment and, above all his considerate way of dealing with the topic of change.

Over the years, he has developed his expertise in a variety of application areas related to the habits of people, businesses and organisations. The numerous customer inquiries come for example from sales, leadership, success, motivation, discipline, change, goals, communication and relationships, smoking cessation, weight loss or even fitness. Sören Bechtel masters the art of creating individual consulting concepts from a wide variety of customer inquiries.


As varied as the fields of application of Sören Bechtel's work are, so are the occupational groups that make use of his expertise. His current clientele includes entrepreneurs, freelancers, managers, junior and managerial staff, students and many other people who want to become even more successful by changing their habits. He often gives lectures on his core topic, which meet with a great response among his listeners. He is dynamic, motivating, considerate.

One hour of a keynote speech from Sören Bechtel gets people to analyse and rethink their habits and leads them to a stronger sense of success. As a result of his many years of relevant project experience, he developed the Gewohnheitsrad® (Habit wheel) model, which has already helped many people to a happier life and organisations to profound successes.


During his numerous coaching trips, also abroad, he combines the change of habits among participants with a change in another environment. He thereby creates a conducive environment in which change becomes possible and above all fun. In his seminars and workshops, the focus is exclusively on customer benefit: Sören Bechtel teaches how his participants can use his coaching methods based on the Gewohnheitsrad® (Habit wheel) to change their behaviour in order to create success habits easily.

Social responsibility is very important to Sören Bechtel. Therefore, he maintains two child sponsorships in Southeast Asia and is regularly involved in the Lions club. In his free time, he enjoys travelling to other countries and discovering other cultures. In this way he gathers experiences and impressions, analyses habits and success principles that benefit his coaching clients and corporate clients. He is currently writing an exciting and landmark book project in which he shows to what extent habits contribute to personal and corporate success.