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Many people often realize too late that it is important to take regular breaks. Some are too busy with their professional advancement, others are to busy in their privat life. In both cases, everyday life is characterized by a lot of stress.

Usually something has to happen first in order to achieve a rethinking of those affected. Not infrequently, these people find themselves in the intensive care unit of a hospital with the diagnosis: heart attack, nervous breakdown or burnout.

Only after such a stroke of fate is then started to deal with the issue.

But it does not have to come that far. Much earlier, the stress of everyday life can be shaken off. My urgent advice: Take your regular break!

It's up to you how these times look like, but there are some recommendations that have been proven to reduce stress.

Conscious timeouts such as a walk in the fresh air, a half day off at the weekend or perhaps several days off a month are islands of rest. It is crucial that you plan the time-outs firmly. Make an appointment with yourself. Include these time-outs in your calendar and commit yourself to comply with them.

Use these little time-outs deliberately to do things that you enjoy or that you may have always wanted to do but you did not have the time.

Or you deliberately do nothing. For some, it makes sense to have a good night's rest or simply let oneself drift. This also helps to switch off. After a short time, you will notice how well these little rest periods are doing you. With what you spend such a conscious break from everyday life, although you can take the phone, it should be the best but just turn off. Just not being available is useful on weekends, in your time off or especially on vacation.


When would you like to start? What do you want to do?

Think about it and make an appointment now.

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