Happiness is a state of mind

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Happiness is a state of mind

Who has not pondered the nature of happiness? What is happiness? When are you the happiest?

Happiness is a state of mind. Or not? Is it instead a process? These are the questions we will have to answer.

Nearly every person would like to lead a happy life. Of course, “happy” is subjective and changes depending on whom you ask, but countless people make the mistake of confusing a happy life with material possessions.

Most of these are external aspirations. It’s common to hear people say “Once I’m X, can do Y, or get my hands on Z, I’ll be happy. Only then will I allow myself to be happy.” Sadly, this belief is deeply rooted in many people’s minds. It seems almost habitual to be always chasing happiness, but the mindset of external happiness all too often leads to tragedy: Such people are never happy.

It is not chance or external circumstances which make you happy.

That can only happen when you make a conscious decision to be happy.

So don’t stand around waiting for happiness. You have the singular opportunity to make your own happiness. With some small changes to your habits, being happy will have never seemed so easy.

1. Be thankful

Take three minutes out of your day to remember what you’re thankful for. (more on gratitude)


2. Take responsibility

People who take responsibility for their actions and their lives can sense how happiness has a way of coming back around.

3. The people around you

Surround yourself with the right people. Cut out the ones who “rob” your energy.

4. Set goals

Set goals you want to achieve. Nothing makes you happier than getting to a goal you’ve set for yourself.

5. Here and now

Live your life in the present. Not in the past or the future. Be conscious and aware of every moment passing your eyes.

6. Thoughts

Pay attention to your thoughts. Focus on the joyful and positive thoughts.

If you make these six simple steps part of your daily routine, you won’t need to chase happiness. It will already be there.

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